Are ION-MIN® particles measured in microns and nanometers? And what’s the difference?

A micron is one millionth of a meter.  To give that scale some perspective, a human hair is about 75 microns in diameter.  The notation for a micron is the symbol: µm.  A Micron on the head of a pin would be a dot too small to see with the eye. A nanometer is 1,000 […]

What is the importance of particle size in clays?

One reason ION-MIN® works better than ordinary mineral supplements, such as liquid colloidals is that it contains silicon (aka silica) platelets, the one mineral that acts as a delivery agent for vital trace minerals, and as a metabolic catalyst in combination with other minerals to support bone and tissue health. Because of its extremely average small […]

How did the clay get in its present location? How was it deposited?

Our ION-MIN® is sourced from pure mineral deposits from Southern California. These deposits originated in the mineral rich Rocky Mountains and worked their way over time downstream via the Colorado River. Along the way, the river pushed, ground, and mixed these valuable mineral particles into a naturally finer condition. Most nutritional minerals hold a natural […]

I read somewhere that products containing iron can be poisonous to children. Should I be concerned?

ION-MIN® contains a good bit of beneficial iron in its buffered, bio-available form. Those with blood disorders, particularly those relating to iron regulation, should not take supplements containing iron without approval from a physician. There’s no need to worry about iron poisoning with any of our ION-MIN® or any other calcium montmorillonite clay. The FDA […]