What is the average particle size of our clay?

We want you to receive the finest powder possible, so our products undergo a separation process that divides it between grades that meet the need for our various markets. Larger particles are removed, and we use only extremely fine particulates.   Sizing varies amid all natural products, and traditional measurements of grades are actually inadequate […]

Where does ION-MIN® come from?

Our ION-MIN® is sourced from Southern California in a region known as the Colorado Desert, the original Colorado River Delta. This dry, arid location is what makes our ION-MIN® so superior to others. This climate has allowed the clay to be preserved so well underground, sheltered from environmental pollution in an open ionic state. These […]

Can I take edible ION-MIN® with organic foods, such as green superfoods?

Countless health practitioners recommend mixing the clay with green super foods, particularly in smoothies, and they feel like the results are great. This is consistent with many animal studies that recommend giving the clay with food to animals for health for stronger mineral uptake. The silicate platelets might compete within the intestine for nutrient uptake, […]

What is the shelf life for ION-MIN® products? I don’t see an expiration date.

That’s because ION-MIN® has no expiration or shelf life. As an inorganic compound, ION-MIN® has no biotic or carbon based compounds in it. This means that it will not degrade over time. ION-MIN® is billions of years old, and was deposited in an open ionic state within pristine subsurface conditions. Upon extraction, nothing must be […]

FAQ: Why does my ION-MIN® product taste or smell different from the last time I ordered?

As with any natural product sourced from Mother Earth, there will be slight differences in color, taste, smell, and average particle size. Keeping that it mind, ION-MIN® isn’t any different that most other natural products ranging from wood to oranges, marble countertops or hand sewn clothes. Natural and organic products are often inherently non-uniform, because […]

Are there any warnings or contradictions for personal use of ION-MIN® products?

As with any natural product, using common sense is the best advice. We recommend: Use only as directed. Do not directly inhale ION-MIN® powder, as no mineral is intended for inhalation. Do not get into your eyes; it is an irritant, but not a toxin. Flush eyes thoroughly. Montmorillonite clay can cancel out (be antagonistic) […]

How do I clean up TerraBathe or Terrasilk?

Because it’s so pure, our compound is safe for all types of disposal methods. It is safe to rinse down the drain into mound and municipal systems without causing any damage. In fact, any clay that is rinsed away will help clean up toxins and bacteria that it encounters! Be aware that the red-tan color […]

What gives ION-MIN® its red-tan color?

ION-MIN® clay contains approximately 4% iron, and just like iron makes your blood red, the iron content of the clay alters it’s color to the reddish-tan color you see. We need iron in our blood, and it only takes a couple of grams of the substance to give us the dramatic red hue it boasts. […]

If all of your mineral products are made from ION-MIN®, what is the difference between them?

The essence of natural health and wellness is simplicity, and we foster that concept. This is the reason that we keep additives to an absolute  minimum and let our consumers decide whether to mix the clay with botanicals and other elements. To maintain the low prices of our various products, we make five grades of […]

Does ION-MIN® cure or prevent any specific ailment or disease?

By law, the makers of ION-MIN® and other related products cannot assert that products have been FDA approved for being considered a drug; therefore, they cannot assert that the substance represents and cure, prevention, or functions as a medicinal product. No statements on this web site or within our literature should be construed as advising […]