If I take ION-MIN® supplements regularly, will I receive too much of one mineral or another?

ION-MIN® is 100% safe and there is absolutely no chance of overdosing or receiving too many minerals. There are many reasons behind this information. ION-MIN® has been proven to be safe and effective in dozens of tests and studies done both on animals and people. Even NASA has studied it’s efficacy! In more than 50 […]

What is the link between minerals and stress/anxiety

According to nutrition expert Dr. Gloria Gilbere, N.D., D.A.Home., PhD., “Because minerals are part of every cell and body fluid, they are the neurotransmitters that signal every action within the body, literally the body’s electrical system.” Minerals are vital to the body’s overall digestive processes and play an inherent role in maintaining the proper alkalinity […]

How is ION-MIN® different from liquid colloidal minerals?

These two products have many, many differences and should not be considered as product alternatives for one another. The primary differences are: ION-MIN® is rich is silica, which is a deliver agent of minerals and boasts a negative ionic compound, or anion. These negative stimuli are helpful for the human physiology, and silica is also […]

I’ve been told that we can get all the nutrients we need from our diets. Is this true?

No. In the good old days of homegrown foods and farming techniques, this was perhaps true. Today’s growing methods and the preponderance of genetically modified crops has all but eliminated the majority of our food’s “good stuff.” Furthering the issue are polluted waters, the use of pesticides, and depleted soils that just can provide adequate […]