Edible Clay

Deciding What Type of Edible Clay is Beneficial

Seven distinct forms of clay exist worldwide, and each of them offers a variety of uses, both industrial and consumable. However, the most effective edible clay hails from the smectite group, which is the parent group of calcium montmorillonite. In some circles, this same clay is referred to as bentonite clay. Calcium montmorillonite is one of the most recognized forms of edible clay, and is a close second only to Kaolin, the active edible clay ingredient used in Kaopectate.

In its purest form, calcium montmorillonite is a superior, all-natural way to ensure your body receives all of the essential elements required for optimal physical and emotional well-being. In addition to providing complete remineralization for both humans and animals, this edible clay is a superior all-natural detoxifier because of its ability to expand while offering both adsorption and absorption properties.


Why Absorption and Adsorption Properties are Beneficial in Edible ClayWhy Absorption and Adsorption Properties are Beneficial in Edible Clay

To understand the efficacy of calcium montmorillonite as an edible clay, there’s a good bit of science to understand, and you can see more about the details in our How it Works section. However, the premier force behind the magic of edible clay lie in its adsorptive and absorptive properties as defined below.

Adsorption – Edible clay that posses an outer field of unsatisfied ionic bonds naturally attracts substances with opposite electrical charges. ION-MIN’s edible clay carries a negative charge, while toxins and impurities carry a positive charge. When these two forces meet, the process of adsorption allows the toxins to attach to the ionic outer layer of the ionic field of the edible clay consumed.

Absorption – All clays, including calcium montmorillonite edible clay, use those same ionic charges to respond like a sponge and actually draw impurities into the inner layer of the medium’s structure. This causes the clay to expand as impurities fill the spaces of the clay’s inner silicate layers. Once trapped inside, they flush out taking the toxins with them.


When both adsorptive and absorptive properties work together within the body, an all-natural detoxification process occurs as these impurities are flushed out of the system, and your body is restored to a natural balance and is fully remineralized.


Edible Clay from Calcium Montmorillonite: An Excellent Start

Finding the right edible clay that offers you or your animals the solution you need may be a time of trial and error, as there are many types on the market today. However, we have found that many labels can be misleading, and even those forms of edible clay that boast calcium montmorillonite may not be 100% pure. In it’s purest form, calcium montmorillonite, such as that in California Earth Minerals ION-MIN, is far superior to those with additional substances added.


What to Look for On an Edible Clay Label

Whether you opt to head for a product like TERRAMIN, which contains calcium montmorillonite, or another type of edible clay, you’ll want to carefully inspect the labels. Make sure that you get the purest form possible, and one of the best indicators of purity is that it should have no expiration date. True Earth never expires!

Testing is essential to ensuring that you are eating safe edible clay, so make certain that several independent labs have tested the contents for safety and efficacy concerning your product choice. Check out all of the mineral and essential trace elements that the edible clay offers. Calcium montmorillonite, in particular the type offered in TERRAMIN, offers every essential mineral and element that the bodies of both humans and animals need.

You might want to consider beginning your quest with calcium montmorillonite for other reasons. After all, it is the most widely studied edible clay, and has been used successfully for thousands of years in more than 200 cultures worldwide. In addition to its long term success rate, calcium montmorillonite, such as that in TERRAMIN come in many forms, both pills and fine powder. This gives the consumer a host of convenient choices to ensure that one is available to suit all tastes and personal preferences.

Your body will likely let you know when you have found a product that works best for you, but you should always stick with using reputable dealers and distributors for premium all-natural health products like edible clay. These experts can help guide you to the right type of clay to help with specific ailments, chronic conditions, and nutritional needs.