The Science

The Science Behind Living Clay for Mineralization, Detox, and Healing

The secret to allowing one’s body to enjoy all the vital nutrients and minerals it needs hails from a source almost as antiquated as the Earth. This same source provides the body with a thorough detoxification, as well as holds the key to healing many of the most common ailments we experience today.


What is this Source of Healing, Mineralization, and Detoxification?

Millions of years ago, as the dominant snow of the majestic Rocky Mountains began melting, tiny trickles of water meandered their path down the hillsides, filling streams and creeks with essential nutrients and minerals. As these nutrient-filled water streams eventually merged into the Colorado River, they continued their journey downstream, leaving behind golden deposits enriched with Mother Nature’s finest minerals along the way.

Over time, the river began rushing every spring, as fresh snow melts would take over the raging waters. Eventually, this trend caused the river to widen its course, carrying vast deposits of precious minerals all the way to the lower Colorado River Delta. Throughout the journey, these minerals were cleansed and energized through the process of hydrolysis. Because of the high levels of hydrothermal temperatures in the region at that time, the clay minerals essentially lost a water molecule, rendering them with a negative electrical charge.

It is this negative charge that gives this particular clay its powerful detoxification properties, while the precious essential nutrients it harbors literally recharges the body’s systems with a complete set of macro and trace **mineral elements vital for life. There are only a few places in the world where 100% pure calcium montmorillonite is found, and ION-MIN is responsibly harvested from the same aforementioned riverbed of the Colorado River Delta, and has been for more than 50 years.

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