Nature’s Dilemma

Nature’s Dilemma

Essential Trace Elements Need Replenishing Now: Nature’s Dilemma is Long-Term

Essential trace elements and vital nutrients – Today’s soils contain 85% less nutrients and minerals than it did a century ago. This stark, frightening reality’s documentation worldwide is rather convincing, and it is concerning to scientists and agriculturists for good reason. Surprisingly, the majority of the human populace has yet to grow concerned, because many of us are under the false impression that our foods, vitamins, and even an organic lifestyle provide us with all the minerals and essential trace elements that we need.

Notice the essential term is false impression. View some of the evidence offered by the Nutrition Security Institute or this information from the United States Department of Agriculture and enlighten yourself. One USDA study estimates that you need to eat 75 servings of spinach to reap the iron benefits of one bowl back in 1948! That’s enough to make even Popeye cringe at mealtime.


The Decline of Agriculture Contributes to Declining Health and Lack of Essential Trace Elements

Modern agricultural practices are jeopardizing our health, and methods of high yield production allow farming soil to literally die due to lack of nutrients and essential trace elements. Our soil is deprived of vital and essential trace elements due to overuse, poor management, and contaminated aquifers. Erosion also plays a large role in poor soil condition, and less than 50 years of topsoil remains at the current rate of diminishment.

Standard commercial treatments used for replenishing farmlands often contain fertilizers, pesticides, and they only replenish three vital nutrients and virtually no essential trace elements. This is where living clay picks up – where nature’s own dilemma has prevented it from doing its job: Living clay fulfills those needs.


What Does The Lack of Essential Trace Elements Mean for Humans and Animals?

In essence, the quality and nutritious value of the foods we consume is only as good as the quality of the living soil it grows in, making agriculture’s declination as a whole even more startling. Even with major advances in science, medical technology, and the availability of pharmaceuticals for most illnesses, more people are becoming ill and dying annually per capita than ever before.

The lack of nutrient-filled, living soil alters the quality of the foods produced by it, and remarkably, neither the USDA or Organics Industry regulate the nutritional value of food or its essential trace elements content, which puts us at risk of malnutrition. In fact, your body experiences physical and emotional withdrawals that cause us to make up for dietary deficiencies and missing essential trace elements by adding unnecessary dietary components such as carbohydrates.

Neither humans, nor animals are receiving the minerals and essential trace elements necessary for a healthy mind and body through food alone. Even domesticated animals typically consume processed foods that contain countess byproducts, and they contain few of the nutrients necessary for life. Concerning humans, traditional multivitamins and supplements alone cannot fully fill this void – they typically lack the 57 essential trace elements necessary to maintain overall physical and emotional health. For example:

  • The pancreas cannot manufacture insulin without a trace of Zinc
  • A trace amount of Cobalt is essential to make Vitamin B-12
  • Copper traces are necessary for the synthesis of hemoglobin

Living clay, such as California Earth Mineral’s pure calcium montmorillonite, easily restores that balance with 70-plus minerals and numerous documented essential trace elements. Adding living clay to any daily diet additionally allows the processes of natural detoxification and remineralization occur seamlessly.


What is Living Clay and How Does it Pertain to Essential Trace Elements?

Living clay naturally communicates with the body and serves as a catalyst that allows the body to attempt healing itself through all-natural detoxification, cleansing, stimulating circulation, and literally balancing the body’s pH level. Calcium montmorillonite clay is discussed as ‘living clay’ because it features an electromagnetic negative charge, which attracts toxins with a negative charge allowing the body to regain it’s equilibrium and restore the normal flow of energy. Living clay accomplishes feats that traditional food and vitamins alone cannot due to the vast array of nutrients and essential trace elements it possesses.

Living ClayThe pure calcium montmorillonite powder found in products such as Terramin, is able to provide both humans and animals with every vital mineral and all of the essential trace elements necessary for overall health and nutrition. Its ability to both absorb and adsorb toxins, pesticides, and other harmful substances often left behind by food and pollution make it ideal for daily all natural detoxification and remineralization.

Change the way you think about and approach your sense of health and over all well-being. Fulfill your body’s need for nutrition with the natural way: With California Earth Minerals ION-MIN living clay, pure calcium montmorillonite supplements.