How ION-MIN Works

Organic Cleansing Clay in ION-MIN Packs Powerful All-Natural Benefits

Working much like a mineral warehouse delivery system and vending-buffering mechanism to aid your entire body, ION-MIN packs a potent nutrient source, yet offers a waste disposal system simultaneously. Enhancing the body and skin’s natural absorptive process within the scope of nourishment and natural mineralization, ION-MIN also functions as a natural detoxification agent. You simply won’t find a more pure and effective organic cleansing clay product that mineralizes while also serving as an internal or external cleanser of impurities of all types.

Unfortunately, harmful pathogens ultimately inhabit all humans, animals, and soil systems due to pollution, dying soil, radiated foods, pesticides, etc.

How ION-MIN WorksCalcium montmorillonite is an organic cleansing clay that boasts more than 57 micro, macro, and essential trace minerals that provide for natural mineralizing of the body, while allowing it to essentially balance its own pH levels. Sourced from a mine in the Colorado River Delta of Southern California, ION-MIN is simply the trademark name for our premium calcium montmorillonite organic cleansing clay powder. Allow us to explain a bit of the simple science explaining what makes ION-MIN organic cleansing clay so effective in achieving the two processes of natural mineralizing and natural detoxification.


ION-MIN Organic Cleansing Clay: A Natural Mineralizing Agent

ION-MIN organic cleansing clay provides humans and animals with 100% of the nutrients essential to health, and it offers a host of vitality-giving essential trace elements not commonly found in over-the-counter daily vitamin sources. Not even the foods we consume can provide us with these natural mineralizing nutrients to a level of adequacy due to depleted soil, harmful farming practices, and lack of government oversight. See Nature’s Dilemma to learn more about this topic and how the use of an organic cleansing clay powder, such as ION-MIN, can help.

What truly makes our California desert organic cleansing clay powder formula even more remarkable is that any excess supplements or elements that your body doesn’t need are simply flushed out along with all of the toxins captured by the ionic minerals. Nothing unnecessary is left behind once ION-MIN organic cleansing clay has worked its natural mineralizing magic, which is one reason the substance is so beneficial during pregnancy: It has the ability to fill the body, and the unborn, with every nutrient it needs for life, and helps cleanse away impurities commonly experienced in pregnancy.


The Simple Science Behind ION-MIN – Organic Cleansing Clay as an All Natural Detoxification Supplement

While acting as a superior source of natural mineralization, ION-MIN functions as an all-natural internal organic cleansing clay. Calcium montmorillonite naturally possesses a negative charge, while common toxins caused by pollution, chemicals, pesticides and those that often cause chronic ailments, typically possess a positive charge. Once ION-MIN is consumed or applied, these charges naturally attract to each other.


ION-MIN wins this ionically charged battle through its properties of absorption and adsorption, which capture toxins in two specialized, all natural ways.

How ION-MIN Works

When these two properties work in conjunction, the first fast-acting stage entails this organic cleansing clay using its negative ionic state to its advantage by serving as a magnet, drawing in toxic and bacterial substances. Those same substances are malicious in nature, and they attack and weaken your body in immeasurable ways. This stage also involves the science of naturally digestible silica within ION-MIN, which literally smothers the positively charged particles, and renders them useless before absorbing them into the organic cleansing clay molecules.

The second stage is more of a long-term process. When used regularly, ION-MIN will continue to remove heavy residual buildup of toxins and heavy metals attached to major organs including the colon stomach lining. Over time, your blood steam will experience all natural detoxification with continued use of the organic cleansing clay in ION-MIN.


Additional Information About ION-MIN

Sure, there’s more serious, in-depth science to how ION-MIN organic cleansing clay works, but we’ve placed all that exciting information on a serious, in-depth page on the site. We will be bringing you additional articles concerning NASA’s study on ION-MIN, and many more fascinating scientific aspects of this all natural mineralizing compound for all natural detoxification regularly.