The Benefits – Uses – Applications – Recipes for Himalayan Salt Brine

salt brineWhen water is mixed with Himalayan Salt it typically referred to as brine, aka “sole” which is the supplest physical form of untainted solar and light energy. The combination of water and Himalayan Salt causes the salt’s positive ions to surround the negative ions of water molecules while the salt’s negative ions in turn surround the positive ions of the water. This causes hydrolyzation in which the geometrical structure of both materials are completely altered into a new structural form – salt is no longer salt and water is no longer water in a brine form.

Himalayan Salt Brine – Vibrational Energy for Healing

The changes in crystalline structure when creating a brine solution are so profound that consumption or use stimulates a vibrational pattern that can last more than 24 hours in the body. Just a small amount of brine consumption daily can fill your body with healing vibrations that increase conductivity in the entire body, increasing circulation, and bringing back the body’s natural flow for overall wellness.


Recipe for Himalayan Salt Brinesalt brine

Quality is everything when mixing a batch of brine for wellness. We recommend always enjoy the benefits of Himalayan Salt to make brine, as it is the purest, most natural form of salt available today.


  1. For most topical and consumptive uses, a 26% salt brine mixture is acceptable.
  2. Use a sealable glass container, fill it with Himalayan Fine Salt or Crystal Salts, then cover the salt with Distilled Water.
  3. After a few hours, the salt will stop the dissolution process, and there should be a bit of salt still remaining in the jar. If not, add more salt until a small amount remains in your jar.
  4. This should provide an approximate 26% solution. You may continue to “top up” your solutions for years in the same jar, as the brine solutions is germ-free and sterile.

Applications and Benefits of Salt Brine

Brine Drinking Cure: Natural Himalayan Salt brine when drunken daily can be an invaluable help to your health. Begin by using just a small drop of the brine solution on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Gradually increase your dosage if there is no intolerance up to a max of 1 teaspoon of brine in a glass of distilled water. Some benefits of salt brine consumption include:

  • Balancing acidity/alkaline in the body helping normalize blood pressure
  • Dissolving sediments that lead to kidney/gallbladder stones
  • Impedes chronic ailments like rheumatism and arthritis
  • Aids with skin diseases through “inside out” cleansing
  • 24 hours of natural energy is stored in the body

This same brine mixture is often used externally to brush teeth, treat cuts, bites, bruising, clear up skin blemishes, and for pain relief.

Himalayan Salt Brine for Daily Health

Scientific studies clearly show that regular consumption of brine solutions are key to daily health maintenance. Because these salts can also be used in salt baths and as a food supplement in lieu of harmful processed salts, making a small investment in Himalayan Salt can benefit your entire family.

  • Anthony J Peasley

    I brought homea glass container.. then found out that the glass lid just kind of sits on it without it “sealing”.. not sure if that is good or bad, but this does say a seal-able container..

  • Stephanie Lucas

    Anthony, it’s not mandatory to be airtight to make the salt brine; however, you’ll want to keep it from spilling if you plan to keep a large batch for long-term use. Consider using a spaghetti sauce or jelly jar for the next batch – free is great!