What is the average particle size of our clay?

We want you to receive the finest powder possible, so our products undergo a separation process that divides it between grades that meet the need for our various markets. Larger particles are removed, and we use only extremely fine particulates.


Sizing varies amid all natural products, and traditional measurements of grades are actually inadequate to define particles as small as those in ION-MIN®. Traditional measures pertaining to grading can only tell you the size of the largest particles that were removed for testing. However, most products contain particles much smaller than these official measurements.

Consumers should know and understand the ratios of fineness for each product they consume. Using the “Standard Test Method for Particle Size Analysis,” here is the breakdown of the determinations of average clay’s particle analysis.

  • 60% 2 microns or less
  • 10% 5-15 microns
  • 15% 15-20 microns
  • 20% 20-250 microns
  • 5% over 250 microns