EarthFood Plus Fertilizer 9-lb

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EARTHFOOD Plus: A 100% Natural, All Purpose Mineral Fertilizer

Enrich the quality of your soil and you will increase the quality of your harvested produce, plants, trees, and flowers: Both common sense and science tell us so. EARTHFOOD Plus mineral fertilizer will do much more than simply enrich the quality of soils – all the while preserving soil fertility for years to come.


EARTHFOOD Plus is the premier mineral fertilizer enrichment system available, and it is the preferred soil nutrient of organic gardeners, growers, and farmers worldwide.

The use of harsh chemical fertilizers is indeed one of the very problems that plague our soil, and it turn, our foods suffer from lack of nutrients and trace minerals that both humans and animals need for optimal health. Learn more about this unfortunate chain of events in the article Nature’s Dilemma.

Ingesting foods grown with chemicals and animal dung fertilizers is nothing to ignore, and our bodies, our animals, and our soils suffer. EARTHFOOD Plus mineral fertilizer aims to make it easy for every home gardener, farmer, food producer, and preservationist to participate in saving our soil and aiding humans and animals in living a healthier physical and spiritual life.

“Foster sustainable growing with ingredients USDA approved for foods labeled organic – such as those fertilized with EARTHFOOD Plus.”


EARTHFOOD Plus Heals the Earth with the Finest Natural Nutrients

EARTHFOOD Plus is made of pure calcium montmorillonite, and the addition of organic blood meal puts the Plus in EARTHFOOD mineral fertilizer. This combination offers the earth the finest and most complete nutrients that nature can provide. EARTHFOOD Plus has been proven in numerous independent studies to grow substantially healthier plants that produce tastier harvests, especially in the realm of fruits, vegetables, and grains. This magnificent mineral fertilizer brings forth hosts of benefits to both the earth and it the crops it supports including:

  • 57 macro, micro, and trace minerals are added to depleted soils
  • Ultrafine silicates provide long term sustained releasing of nutrients
  • 12% organic blood meal ensures rapid nutrient uptake
  • Silicate adsorption properties and strong CEC
  • Slight to moderate alkalinity
  • Kills bacteria and removes toxins
  • Mega doses of calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, and silica
  • Balances and controls pH while regenerating cation exchange capacity


In fact, your contribution of this all purpose mineral fertilizer will permanently revitalize the soil by adding decades of trace elements and minerals through extended nutrient releases. Rest assured Mother Nature thanks you for your long-term contribution, while you reap the immediate benefits of better, healthier, tastier, and more beautiful harvest of plants, vegetables, and flowers.


Invest in your harvest.  Make your growing sustainable with ingredients approved by the USDA for foods labeled "organic".


EARTHFOOD Plus is 100% natural and has absolutely no expiration date or storage requirements to maintain its efficacy. Generally recognized as safe and beneficial for addition to any soil, EARTHFOOD Plus mineral fertilizer is most commonly used for the following purposes.

Flower Beds & Vegetable Gardens

Ideal for use anytime during new planting or for established plants. Use approximately 4 lbs. per 100 square feet. Work the EARTHFOOD Plus into moist soil and water again thoroughly.

Potted Plants – Indoors & Outdoor

Simply apply 2 heaping tbsp. per gallon container of EARTHFOOD Plus for well-established plants. Add a bit more to batches for new plants. Gently cultivate into moist soil and then water.

Evergreen and Deciduous Fruit Trees & Shrubs

Use 1 pound for each inch of the trunk’s diameter when measured at knee height. Apply three times per year in late winter, early summer, and then again in early fall. Spread EARTHFOOD Plus over soil beneath the branches away from the trunk and cultivate it before watering thoroughly.

Invest in your harvest.  Make your growing sustainable with ingredients approved by the USDA for foods labeled "organic".