Natural Detoxification: Why Eating Clay Offers Better Health

Natural DetoxificationNatural detoxification is one of the finest aspects of total body healing with clay. Not only does your body experience an all-natural cleansing like never before, but this holistic practice is well documented throughout history. In fact, it is just recently that scientific studies of clay as a healing and natural detoxification substance are beginning to reveal the science behind ionic minerals.

[quote]”However, there is also much to be learned from the less scientific, holistic practitioners of medicine, and through time tested use, the natural detoxification benefits of clay cannot be denied.”[/quote]


Studies Concerning the Natural Detoxification Power of Clay

One extensive article published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition  in 1991 cited a number of fascinating studies concerning the use of clay for natural detoxification practiced within both the human and animal species. Body purification was indicated in studies of the Pomo Indians of California, where the tribe would consume poisonous and toxic acorns for sustenance. Other examples included chimpanzees in the wild performing the same type of eating rituals, as did rats when tested in laboratory conditions. How did they survive eating the poison?

Instinctual eating of clay may play a large role in this response due to their survival inclinations. Clearly, over time through trial and error, the Natives learned that eating clay before or after ingesting the toxic food source would help negate the effects. Little did they know that by eating clay, they were experiencing natural detoxification and cleansing many additional toxins from their body while offering it complete mineralization.

In short, the article concerning the studies concluded, that geophagy is not only a source of essential nutrients, but that it also counteracts dietary toxins and the effects of gastrointestinal parasites. Because it increases the production of bile, which ultimately destroys parasitic invaders that often plague our skin, air, food, and water, eating clay allows the natural detoxification abilities of the liver to take over.


Natural Detoxification of the Liver: The Body’s Detox Pilot

The liver breaks down poisons and toxins into less harmful compounds, and this vital organ is responsible for manufacture the bile necessary to kill parasites, as well as to store essential minerals and nutrients. Clay is quickly becoming accepted as an invaluable aid to a poorly functioning liver for a number of reasons. Particularly because of the natural detoxification process, the liver has to do less work. Because the bowels and colon are able to do their own work, the less-strained liver has time to purify the blood supply before it sources the rest of the body – preventing toxic blood from ever reaching many other organs!


Without directly affecting the organs, healing clay remarkably directly affects them all!

Remarkably, a healthier, fully functioning liver can reap its host a drove of additional benefits including less allergic reactions such as itching, hives, and eczema. Those who eat clay and experience its natural detoxification properties also lessen the symptomatic and chronic issues due to hepatitis, cirrhosis, and anemia. Expectant mothers and their unborn young often appreciate the internal and external uses of clay during pregnancy.

Nutrients are essential for life, as is the maintaining the body’s ability to cleanse itself – and healing clay gives us the power to do both naturally, purely, and affordably.

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TerraMin Tablets help eliminate harmful pollutants and poisons from the body –naturally, while also fulfilling the nutrient and mineral needs of the system. This 2 in 1 Mega Mineral Supplement's power results from the colloidal edible mineral that comprises our exclusively patented ionic mineral, ION-MIN.

[quote]Today’s world is filled with toxins, pollutants, and chemicals that we encounter daily and as a result... More than HALF of children & adults don’t get the nutrients they need every day...[/quote]

One Daily Dose of TerraMin Tablets 2 in 1 Mineralizes and Detoxifies Naturally

That’s right, your body receives more than 57 essential mineral elements that it needs to sustain good health, while the body flushes out any excess minerals along with all the heavy metals, toxins, and poisons that your body has been harboring. Both short and long-term effects of this edible clay are widely recognized worldwide, and some human societies and animal species even use this miraculous substance for complete sustenance in times of famine. Natural and spiritual healers globally use this edible living clay for countless uses, and additional purposes and benefits are being discovered continually.

No additives, no preservatives, and no expiration date exist for TerraMin Tablets, or any ION-MIN product – just pure, natural, calcium montmorillonite!

The all-natural calcium montmorillonite in TerraMin Tablets is 100% safe, effective, extensively tested, and has even been used by NASA astronauts to reverse the effects of osteoporosis. Click to find out more about the science behind ION-MIN ionic minerals that allow TerraMin Tablets to be so effective in helping both adults and children enjoy better overall physical health.

Just a few of the most recognized benefits of TerraMin Tables and its ionic minerals are:

  • Digestive Systems LOVE TerraMin Tablets for overall health and functioning
  • Weight Management is easier with a clean nutrient-filled body
  • Liver Functions are essential and TerraMin Tablets aid the organ's ability to function
  • Less Active Bacteria live throughout the body allowing for natural pH balancing
  • Stronger Immune System with all essential nutrient and mineral needs met
  • Eliminating toxins, heavy metals, and even poison from the body
  • Skin Benefits include less breakouts – helps relive symptomatic skin rashes/hives
  • Circulatory System and blood are cleansed – benefits the heart and major organs


See our How ION-MIN Works section for additional information concerning the science behind the efficacy of TerraMin Caplets.



TerraMin Tablets are perfect for those who don’t have the time or desire to mix TerraMin powder for consumption. TerraMin Tablets are ideal for people who prefer a convenient tablet, and each 1000 mg. pill is odorless, tasteless, and easy to swallow. We offer Terramin Tablets 2 in 1 Mega Mineral Complex in a handy 250 count and a family size 500 count and will deliver it right to your door!

TerraMin Tablets Dosage Instructions: TerraMin dosage depends on the weight of the consumer. It is recommended that TerraMin Tablets be consumed in the dosage of (one tablet per every 30 pounds of body weight). For example, a 130-pound person should consume 4 TerraMin Tablets per day, while an 180-pound individual would take 6 tablets.

Take the tablets with a minimum of 6-8 ounces of purified water or juice, preferably organic or fresh. Drink plenty of water to accompany your ingestion of edible clay, as fluids aid the mineralization and detoxification benefits of ION-MIN. Consume the tablets at least one hour prior to eating, as this increases the ionic mineral’s ability to perform at peak efficacy.

Additional Tips & Reminders

  • Keep in mind that this dosage can be adjusted to fit your particular diet, exercise routine, stress levels, and long-term goals. The primary goal is to take the tablets daily to improve your health, which helps you body achieve a state of optimal physical and spiritual well-being!
  • Our recommend dosage is intended solely for maintenance purposes, but under the guidance of a medical professional, TerraMin Tablets may be increased in dosages that may be helpful in addressing a particular medical condition.
  • You should always consult with a medical professional when addressing any medical disorder before attempting TerraMin Caplets as a solitary treatment.

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