ION-MINAs society has gained an increasing awareness of the human body’s need for essential trace elements to accompany all natural detoxification and remineralization, there is an ever-rising demand for viable all-in-one sources to meet those needs – That’s where the all-natural healing and revitalizing properties of ION-MIN come in.

Calcium montmorillonite clay is a 2-in-1 supplement for all natural detoxification of the body with additional benefits beyond purifying the system.


Calcium Montmorillonite Clay is Essential for Life

This remarkable, pure calcium montmorillonite clay powder offers up an astonishing 57 elements of ionic minerals vital to the bodily functions of humans, animals, and even unborn young. Almost miraculously, ION-MIN does more than serve as an all natural detoxification method and remineralizer: It also boasts documented healing benefits that aid countless chronic ailments and common conditions.

This extremely potent substance provides your body with ONLY necessary nutrients, and any surplus is flushed out along with all toxins absorbed by this powerful, healing calcium montmorillonite clay. All natural detoxification has never been so simple! Nor has it been so easy providing your body with all the trace elements typically absent from traditional vitamins and today’s food sources.


Using Clay for All Natural Detoxification, Remineralization, and Healing….Really?

Absolutely! In fact, the use of calcium montmorillonite clay for all natural detoxification and other supplemental uses have been documented in 200+ cultures around the world over 1000’s of years. Both humans and animals throughout recorded history have been known to consume clay for hosts of reasons, and over time, more benefits of the substance are being studied and recognized. Just a small amount of the clay in powder or pill form is all that it takes to create a whole new level of health, and these beneficial nutrients are available in many convenient forms.

The only known side effect of using calcium montmorillonite clay is better overall health!

Proven Safe and Effective as an All Natural Detoxification Method and Much More

ION-MIN contains no additives whatsoever and is 100% pure calcium montmorillonite clay, and 100% of the manufacturing and processing of all of our products happens right here in the USA. Once your system quickly processes ION-MIN, your body absorbs what it needs from the compound and then purges any excess along with all absorbed toxins – leaving no trace of unnecessary ionic minerals behind. That’s more than one can say for most over-the-counter products or prescription pharmaceuticals intending to serve the same purposes.


NASA and the FDA Recognize the Benefits of Ionic Minerals Through Testing

For decades, the FDA has categorized calcium montmorillonite clay under the label “generally recognized as safe” and dozens of independent laboratory tests have been performed by notable universities and scientific experts. Even NASA ran an extensive series of tests on calcium montmorillonite clay, and like the other testing authorities, they discovered the varied benefits of the substance’s use.

ION-MIN: All Natural Detoxification & Remineralization with Calcium Montmorillonite ClayExtensive testing by these institutions has indicated that the all natural detoxification and mineralization properties of calcium montmorillonite clay are 100% biologically beneficial, potent, and effective for their intended purpose. Although the reasoning is not completely explainable through science yet, numerous cases are documented throughout history confirming an abundance of common ailments that respond positively to the use of ionic mineral compounds.


Where Does ION-MIN Calcium Montmorillonite Clay Come From?

All of the calcium montmorillonite clay utilized in California Earth Mineral’s exclusive ION-MIN formulated products, is crafted from the purest form of the clay substance, which is also known as calcium bentonite. Sourced from Mother Earth herself within the Southwestern United States, all natural detoxification and remineralization just couldn’t get any more natural than ION-MIN.