Homemade Cat Food Recipes – Raw and Cooked Pet Recipes


If you are looking to start feeding your pet homemade cat food recipes, you’re likely debating whether to take the cooked or raw route. Much debate on the subject exists, and if you are like me, you might feel overwhelmed. However, we know the dangers of commercial pet foods, and we must start somewhere.

We believe that only pet owners can make the call whether to feed raw cat food recipes that mimic their diet in the wild or if cooked cat food recipes make you feel more comfortable. That’s why we offer both types – raw cat food recipes and cooked cat food recipes – here at SpiritDetox. Below find three vet approved homemade cat food recipes that your kitty will love!


Chicken Delight – Bulk Batch for Raw Cat Food Recipes with Chickenchicken

  • 4.5 pounds chicken thighs with bones and skin
  • 14 oz chicken hearts
  • 7 oz chicken livers
  • 2 cups water
  • 4 egg yolks
  • NutraMin (for minerals and natural preservative)


Remove half of skin and 20% of bones from the chicken thighs and discard. Chunk up the majority of the muscle and grind the rest thoroughly along with bones, skin, heart, and liver. Stir well. Whisk 2 cups water with egg yolks in separate bowl along with about ½ cup NutraMin for calcium and mineralization and a EFA supplement. Mix all ingredients together, package, and freeze into useable portions for your needs. Makes 6 cups of food.

NutraMin for pets is a complete mineralizer but also acts as a preservative for the food, so it will stay finicky feline fresh longer.

Cooked Cat Food Recipes for Kittens and Adult Cats

Kitty Breakfast Yum Yum

Easy and quick to make along with your breakfast, kitties climb curtains for this omelet style breakfast treat.

  • 1 tbsp. Nonfat dry milk
  • 2 tbsp. Cottage cheese
  • 2 tbsp. Grated sprouts or veggies
  • 3 medium Eggs
  • ½ tsp. NutraMin

Beat all ingredients but veggies and cook in hot pan. When nearly solid, flip and add veggies on top until firm, then fold. Cut in bites for kitty and feast.


Homemade Cat Food Recipes for Treats or Supplements

High in calcium, this homemade cat food pudding may be used as a supplement for orphaned or young kittens, sick cats, and for those who need to gain weigh. Several veterinarians have given these homemade pet food recipes for kittens and cats the nod of approval for being balanced and nutritious.

Cat Scratch Pudding

  • 1 cup water
  • 1 large can evaporated milk (not skim)
  • 2 Tbsp. plain yogurt (whole fat)
  • 2 Tbsp. mayonnaise
  • 1 envelope Knox gelatin
  • 1 egg yolk, beaten
  • ½ tsp. NutraMin


Mix milk, yogurt, and mayo together well. Bring water to boiling and add gelatin. Set aside. Beat egg yolk with small amount of milk. Add gelatin, water, and milk mixture and beat well before adding egg mix and beat again. Pour into bowl with cover and set in refrigerator. Mixture stays good for 2 weeks refrigerated.

You might notice that we don’t recommend adding many vitamins or supplements beyond NutraMin for animals, and that’s because you won’t really need much beyond that besides EFAs in one meal per day. NutraMin provides all the calcium and 60 other essential minerals necessary for health, and acts as a natural preservative to keep your homemade pet food recipes from spoiling. It’s never been easier to have a healthy pet!

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Restore Your Animal’s Health to its Natural, Wild State with NutraMin Mineral Nutrients

Did you know that the addition of one small dose of living clay can provide:

  • Complete Nutrients & Minerals Essential to Animal Health
  • Stronger Immune Systems
  • Yeast, Bacteria, and Toxin Removal
  • Detoxification and Cleansing of the Colon
  • Stronger, Healthy Bones and Increased Fluidity in Ligaments and Joints
  • Increased Fertility and Offspring Survival Rate
  • Oral Maintenance for Healthy Teeth & Gums
  • Calms Flea Allergies
  • Soothes Hot Spots & Demodectic Mange
  • Easing of Acid Reflux and other Stomach Disorders
  • Relief for Problem Paws, Hooves, and Feet


These are just a few of the results that animal owners, keepers, and scientist have noticed when NutraMin Mineral Nutrients are an included part of any creature’s diet. Food alone is no longer enough to raise healthy animals, whether they be pets or livestock.


Traditional Pet Foods are Simply Not Enough for Optimal Animal Health

Unfortunately, our domesticated pets just don’t seem to enjoy the long, healthy lifespan that their ancestors did in the wild. Much of this is simply due their domestication, which prevents them from seeking out the nutrients present in nature that they were intended to consume. Rather, we as their adoptive families, do the best we can to provide them with healthy, nutritious foods.

Much like the foods that humans consume, animal’s over-processed foods don’t offer all the essential minerals and elements necessary to prosper and be healthy. The powerful ionic minerals within NutraMin powder occur in a natural colloidal form, and the chelating process that occurs gives animal ideal amounts of the essential elements typically lacking in processed pet foods. At the same time, NutraMin Mineral Nutrients use the science of ionic laws to detoxify the body and cleanse the digestive tract.

NutraMin Mineral Nutrients have universal benefits for all animals, and the some of the most common beneficiaries include dogs, cats, birds, horses, farm animals, and even fish.


Animals Go Back to Nature to Find a Solution for their Nutrition Dilemma

We found it in ION-MIN and bring it to you in the form of NutraMin Mineral Nutrients...

Animals in the wild discovered a wealth of nutrients and mineral necessary for life, right from Mother Nature herself in the form of edible clay minerals. Both humans and animals have been documented as clay eaters for centuries. Look at this fascinating study concerning the clay licks of Tambopata where the magnificent macaw provides us with just one example of the ingenuity and instinct of animals in the wild.

“We should follow the animals’ example and turn to nature to aid us – just one reason why NutraMin is so essential to the health of domesticated pets.”


NutraMin Mineral Nutrients Boast ION-MIN – Nature’s Solution for Life

The patented ION-MIN is simply our name for 100% all natural, pure calcium montmorillonite, which is the finest form of edible clay on earth. We use only pure calcium montmorillonite in NutraMin Mineral Nutrients, which is mined, processed to its powder form, and packaged entirely in the USA. Both humans and animals seek out this same type of living clay because of its rich, mineral content and spectacular detoxifying properties. Find out more about How ION-MIN Works here.

ION-MIN is for everyone, and animals have their own mineralization solution with the amazing nutrients in NutraMin Mineral Nutrients. At Spirit Detox, we understand that every living creature deserves nourishment, and it today’s depleted environment, we take pride in making that possible in an affordable, all-natural, safe method though California Earth Mineral’s safe, effective NutriMin Powder in portable 8 ounce packaging, as well as in bulk 2 lb, 4lb, and 8 lb portions.


Dog Directions


NUTRAMIN contains high levels of calcium in this chelated form and is a highly important micronutrient, necessary for maintaining healthy bones and teeth for all ages including providing healthy bone growth in kittens and puppies.

Those pet owners who have large breed puppies and are afraid that calcium supplementation may cause excessive bone growth that may lead to malformed bones, do not have to be concerned with supplementing with NUTRAMIN. The calcium needed for proper bone growth will be present in a chelated form in NUTRAMIN and the body of the pet will determine and only absorb what it needs.

NUTRAMIN also eliminates the decision by the pet owner, as to what type of calcium to buy, which source is best, and what amount to safely feed their pet.

It will be best to introduce your dog, whether a puppy, adult or senior to NUTRAMIN with the following  applications;

  • (1 to 5 lbs dogs) - ¼ level teaspoon added to each meal when canned, dry or homemade foods are being fed.
  • (5 to 20 lbs dogs) - ½ teaspoon added to each meal.
  • (25 to 40 lbs dogs) - ¾ teaspoon added to each meal.
  • (45 to 75 lbs dogs) - 1 level teaspoon added to each meal.
  • For every 25 lb increase over 75 lbs, add another ½ level teaspoon to the food.

NOTE : If your pet is ill please double the dose during the illness and continue the increase for one week after.  NUTRAMIN strengthens the immune system.

Cat Directions


NUTRAMIN is an advanced, hydrothermally induced natural creation by the action of the earth, that provides profound use in our pets.

NUTRAMIN is comprised of 57 naturally occurring trace minerals that are chelated, which means these trace minerals occur in a form that the body will not absorb, unless the body needs any of those specific micro nutrients.

NUTRAMIN contains high levels of calcium in this chelated form and is a highly important micronutrient, necessary for maintaining healthy bones and teeth for all ages including providing healthy bone growth in kittens and puppies.

It will be best to introduce your kitten, adult and senior to the following application;

  • (½ to 1 lb cats) - 1/8 level teaspoon added to each meal of canned, dry or homemade foods are being fed.
  •  (2 to 4 lbs cats) - ¼ level teaspoon added to each meal.
  •  (5 to 8 lbs cats) - ½ level teaspoon added to each meal.
  • (10 to 15 lbs cats) - ¾ level teaspoon added to each meal.
  • 18 lbs and higher - one teaspoon per each meal.

NOTE: The NUTRAMIN is very palatable, however if your cat refuse to eat their food which has been sprinkled with the powder, please add the NUTRAMIN® to their water. The proper dose level would be 1 level tablespoon per 2 cups of water and stir frequently as your pet is drinking to keep the product in suspension.

Horse Directions


NUTRAMIN will aid in promoting maximum health for your horse and will also promote healing from many diseases because it enhances the immune system.

NUTRAMIN promotes healthy bones, ligaments, and tendons while stopping bone loss referred to as osteoporosis.

NUTRAMIN is especially important in pregnant mares.

Over the years, NUTRAMIN improved fertility, easier birthing and much healthier offspring, with a much higher survival rates in allied species. It is best to use the NUTRAMIN daily even before fertilization of the mare occurs, and continue it during and after the pregnancy.

The efficiency of the calcium in NUTRAMIN, not only helps the mare to maintain her bone density while pregnant, but also will help her milk production.

In the embryonating foal, good quality, natural calcium is tremendously important to help promote healthy, strong bones, ligaments and tendons.

This is vital to new born foals and helps stop the creation of a weak, decalcified skeletal system which may lead to bone malformation and early crippling.

Proper calcification is vital in those horses competing different types of athletics events.

NUTRAMIN neutralizes toxins and provides an antibacterial action and aids the immune system at all ages.

The best use of NUTRAMIN, is including it with everyday feeding to neutralize any chemicals and insecticides that might unfortunately end up in the feed you are feeding to your horse. NUTRAMIN promotes its antibacterial action against bacterial contaminates.

NUTRAMIN will definitely help the liver that contains toxins to neutralize these toxins and help the liver to recover if too much permanent damage has not already been done.

NUTRAMIN has been used for kidney disease to not only reduce bone loss, but allied studies show that NUTRAMIN® will cause the elevated blood urea that occurs with kidney failure, to be concentrated in the intestines and excreted.

NUTRAMIN contains a natural chelated kaolin that helps sooth the intestines and reduces the chance of colic.

If the dose of NUTRAMIN is doubled, it will cause fluid to be returned to the intestines, and often helps reduce impactions, while also providing antibacterial action against some of the bowel inhabitants that produce further gas production, adding further discomfort to your horse’s colic.

Adding NUTRAMIN to the water in your horses watering facility, will help maintain a low bacterial count, in fact NUTRAMIN can be used as a paste and applied twice daily to skin infections, bacterial eruptions, wire cuts, abrasions and insect bites.


  • Foals should receive one heaping tablespoon of NUTRAMIN sprinkled on their food AM and PM.
  • Adult horses should receive two heaping tablespoons of NUTRAMIN AM and PM.
  • Pregnant mares should receive three heaping tablespoons of NUTRAMIN AM and PM.
  •  Horses suffering from various diseases should receive three to four heaping tablespoons of NUTRAMIN AM and PM.
  • Add NUTRAMIN to the watering containers to reduce bacterial build up. Apply one measuring cup of NUTRAMIN to every 50 gallons of water.
  • Add enough water to the NUTRAMIN to create a paste. This paste may be applied to any skin lesion twice daily for 7 days and continued on if the skin lesion has not quite healed.

Bird Directions


NUTRAMIN is an advanced, hydrothermally induced natural creation by the action of the earth that provides profound use in all species of birds.

“When I first researched micronutrients 3 decades ago, I was quite pleased with how these micronutrients helped to not only control specific problems inherent to birds, but using it daily, did promote maximum health.” Dr. Plechner explains.

NUTRAMIN helped stop feather picking, which can be a major problem with caged birds.

NUTRAMIN neutralizes toxins that the bird may be exposed to in their environment and in their food.
NUTRAMIN has an antibacterial quality which reduces the risk of bacterial infections in the digestive tract including the crop, the food they eat, and the water they drink.
NUTRAMIN contains large amounts of kaolin which is very soothing for the digestive tract.

Due to NUTRAMIN’s ability to promote better absorption in general, it helps vitamins, supplements and foods not only to better absorb but better utilized in the cell for energy and for the production of oxygen. This ability to enhance more efficient cellular use, is due to the fact, NUTRAMIN® contains a negative charge.

NUTRAMIN is important for all birds, whether household birds, small wild birds, game birds, birds of prey and all zoo birds including, the very largest birds like emu and ostrich.

This enhanced absorption causes the following benefits;

  • The feathers to be thicker and the feather colors to be brighter.
  • The egg shell to be much harder. Note: A lot of that is due to the increased levels of silicate and calcium contained in the NUTRAMIN.
  • Increased fertility.
  • Increased viability and survival in newborn.

The NUTRAMIN can be placed on the bottom of the cage as scratch. If used this way, not only will it allow ingestion, but will also help desiccate (dry up) bird droppings and make them easier to remove and helps to neutralize odors.

The NUTRAMIN may be lightly sprinkled over the bird’s food.

The NUTRAMIN can be placed in the bird’s water. Note: for those birds that dip their food into their water first before eating, the antibacterial action of the NUTRAMIN™ in the water will help stop bacterial growth and help reduces the times the water might have to be changed.

NUTRAMIN can be made in to small clay balls that many birds like to peck at during the day.

Many bird species are susceptible to thickened, cracked feet referred to as “bumble foot”. This is usually caused by a staphylococcal infection. To help this problem the bird not only must ingest NUTRAMIN, but you as the bird’s owner can make a moist paste from the NUTRAMIN™ and apply this paste twice daily for at least 7 days to the infected area. This same paste will promote healing of cuts, tears, scratches and lacerations.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR DAILY AMOUNTS OF NUTRAMIN Small birds like finches, canaries, parakeets and quail;

Small birds like finches, canaries, parakeets and quail

  • 1/4th of a teaspoon AM and PM sprinkled on the feed, or as scratch or in the water.

Medium sized birds like parrots, chickens pheasant, grouse and small birds of prey like sparrow hawks

  • ½ to one level teaspoon AM and PM sprinkled on the feed, or as scratch or in the water.
Large birds like turkeys, large birds of prey, large birds of prey including giant birds like emu and ostrich
  • one heapling tablespoon AM and another in PM sprinkled on the feed, or scratch, or in the water.