Want to Lower High Blood Pressure and Have Better Heart Health? Salt Isn’t the Enemy!

hbpResearchers and scientists have given modern physicians quite a bit of misinformation when it comes to the Dangers of Salt. In fact, the myth that “Salt is bad and it will shorten your life,” has been fueled so heavily by propaganda that people truly believe it. Unfortunately, one of the foremost doctor recommended solutions for high blood pressure is to lower or eliminate salt intake. Such advice can actually do much more harm that good to the body long-term, so let’s debunk the salt myth.


Salt is Essential for Life – Iodized Salt is Not “Real Salt”

Common sense tells you that lifestyle choices such as weight, smoking, lack of exercise, and eating too much sodium certainly increases the likelihood of developing high blood pressure. However, when it comes to heart health and salt, most of the research (almost 99%) being related is performed on commercial table salt – a highly processed and refined substance that has had most of the “nature” sucked and bleached right out of it.

Also, consider that most of the processed foods of convenience are laden with so much processed salt that one portion is, or is more than, daily recommended amounts – in just one serving! This is just a small example of how leaving one small fact out of a study’s results (the type of salt being tested) can change the whole truth as we SHOULD see it.


What are Scientists Really Saying Now about Salt?

Extra Fine SaltAccording to biochemist and author of two books pertaining to the use of natural salt Dr. Jacques de Langre of the University of Brussels, refined salt is toxic to the body, while natural salts like Celtic sea salts and Himalayan Salt can have the opposite effect on the body than processed table salt. He states in a recently published interview:

“I have found impressive medical evidence which explains why a low-salt diet will NOT help you live longer. But it CAN give you strokes, damage kidney and brain functions, and loss of sexual ability….I’m referring to the forty-year old health lie that, avoiding salt will help you live longer.”


What Science Doesn’t Tell Us about Salt & Blood Pressure

  • This little myth of implementing a low salt diet to treat blood pressure is based on dogma, rather than empirical evidence.
  • Salt restrictive diets can actually increase blood pressure.
  • Lack of salt can accelerate the aging process, cellular degeneration, and foster biochemical starvation.
  • Diets lacking in salt can tire the valves of the heart, causing to lacerate and result in heart failure.
  • No-salt diets can foster kidney problems, adrenal exhaustion, liver failure, and cripple overall health.

Furthermore, multiple population studies have shown that people who consume about 8 to 12 grams of salt daily live longer and have less disease than those who consume less than 8 grams daily! You simply need to ensure that you are consuming the right kind of salt, non processed salt, non iodized salt – natural, organic Himalayan Salt is not only healthy, its potent so you use less, and this salt is in essence an energy form in itself.


Himalayan Salt is Energy When Unrefined

Himalayan salts are different from sea salt, in that Himalayan salts are millions of years old, harboring ancient energy from the sun and more than 80 trace and essential minerals from nature. Sea salt can dehydrate the body and is difficult to digest, whereas Himalayan salt is hydrating and requires no digestion. It assimilates immediately into the body, mixing with the body’s hydration to become Sole, or energy! Sole is electrical in nature and imparts energy for our bodies to use that foods and supplement don’t contain.

salt is energy

Such a natural salt is beneficial for the body, can improve heart health, and is an excellent natural salt choice for those with high blood pressure or related issues. Spirit Detox Himalayan Salt recipes and Himalayan Salt Bath Benefits are excellent resources for those looking to get started with this amazing, healthy salt.


Effective Natural Solutions for Heart Health & to Lower High Blood Pressure

bpBeyond eliminating salt from the diet to reduce high blood pressure, you’re doctor is likely giving you rational advice about the lifestyle changes you need to make for better heart health and the rest of your body. If you have high blood pressure, you’ve likely been given a prescription, too and by all means, you should take it as long as necessary.

We at Spirit Detox also recognize the vast Benefits of Silica and heart health, and I personally, was able to discontinue my both my blood pressure and cholesterol medication regimen after a two-month course of alternating Diatomaceous Earth and Calcium Montmorillonite Clay daily. Additionally, I tossed out all of the table salt in my home, cut out most processed foods, and began incorporating Himalayan Salt into my family’s diet.


Think Pink Himalayan Salt to Boost Heart Health

Overall, I have had exceptional results, but this varies per individual. Always use your own judgment, common sense, and don’t be afraid to ask your doctor the real truth about commercially processed sodium chloride and natural salts like sea salt or pink Himalayan Salt. Tell us your experience with Himalayan Salt, Diatomaceous Earth, or Calcium Montmorillonite Clay!