Herbal Eyewash Recipe – Natural Eye Rinse for Pets and Humans

Herbal EyewashIf it’s good enough for your pet, it should be good enough for you, too! After all, we treat our pets like our kids, so when it comes to foods and hygiene, we should always consider exactly what it is that we are putting in their bodies, just like we do ours.

Traditional eye rinses can be costly, and they typically contain chemical preservatives, saline, and other irritants that aren’t meant to be put in one’s eyes.

Certain breeds of animals have chronic eye problems because they are born with bent tear ducts that allow debris to clock up in the bend. Accumulated debris eventually back up the tear ducts and then spill out onto their face producing a chronic discharge. However, most animals, especially those with allergies” often have tear stains and discharge that can be kept under control with a goo herbal eyewash.


Natural Ear Solutions for Herbal Eyewash – Complete Remedy

By making your own homemade organic ear wash for pets and humans, you won’t need Visine to eliminate your eye redness, or have to dig deep in the pet grooming bucket any longer when you see those telltale tear stains or suspect the presence of debris.

Furthermore, you can stay away from the harsh chemicals typically found in eyewashes, which are primarily preservatives to keep the product fresh. Some of these chemicals are so caustic that manufacturers add even more chemicals – anesthetics – to eliminate residual pain from the use of the product. Making your own fresh natural eyewash avoids this scenario completely, much like when you choose to make homemade pet food recipes to stay away from the disgusting additives in commercial pet foods.


Ingredients for Herbal Eyewash and Recipes

We love the two-part natural eye rinse recipe for pets and humans created by author and natural pet health expert, Anitra Frazier, and we thank her for this exceptional and effective recipe.


EYEBRIGHT SOLUTION – For Redness and Irritation

  • 1 Cup Distilled Water
  • ½ Teaspoon Boric Acid
  • 1 Drop Eyebright Extract -Alcohol Free

Heat the water and add the boric adic. Stir until dissolved and let cool. To soothe red tissue: Add 1 drop of the Eyebright extract to 1 tablespoon of the boric acid solution. Put 2 drops of the boric acid/eyebright solution into each eye once or twice daily. After using this solution for 3 days and you don’t see results, your pet may have an infection and need to see a vet. However, to fight irritation and infection naturally, you may try the Goldenseal solution below.


SALINE/GOLDENSEAL SOLUTION – For Disinfection and Reducing Swollen Tissues

Heat water and add the salt, stirring until dissolved and let cool. To shrink swollen tissue and disinfect: Add 1 drop of the goldenseal extract to 1 tablespoon of the saline (salt water) solution. Put 2 drops of the saline/goldenseal solution into each eye once or twice daily. After using this solution for 3 days, you may use the boric acid/eyebright solution for another 3 days to reduce any residual redness and irritation.


Herbal Eyewash for PetsMore about Natural Eyewash Recipes

Your herbal eyewash solutions will last for up to three days, and then they must be discarded. However, with the primary ingredient being distilled water, you are only spending pennies per batch! Toss out everything in your, and your pet’s, hygiene supplies with harsh, chemical ingredients, and go back to the most basics natural remedies for better health.

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