Healthy Pregnancy: Fueled by Living Clay

Healthy PregnancyHealthy Pregnancy – The Worldwide Use of Living Clay as a Natural Supplement

Healthy pregnancy is the foremost thought of every female that is expecting, whether the mother hails from the human or animal kingdom. This is instinctual of course, as most species ultimately are ultimately inclined to feel responsible for the well-being of their offspring even while in the womb. Humans have access to literally tons of information, supplements, and advice available to them to ensure that they have a healthy pregnancy, while animals must rely on nature, luck, and often the protection of other members of their group.

In many cultures and animal kingdom species, a solution has been found that certainly seems to help ensure a healthy pregnancy and it does not come from books, food, prenatal vitamins, or the protection of their group, although these components do help. Rather, particular types of clay appear to fulfill this need, and clay eaters worldwide attest to the efficacy of this seemingly unusual habit. Let’s find out more about how healing, living clay contributes to those seeking a healthy pregnancy.


Living Clay and Healthy Pregnancy

The concept of mother’s-to-be having strange cravings is nothing new. Previously considered “strange, unusual, and diabolical” the body’s instinctive eating clay during a healthy pregnancy is quickly becoming more understood. Differing from the normal cravings for bizarre foods like pickles and ice cream, eating dirt during pregnancy is scientifically much more recognizable as sensible and normal.

Maternal instincts are very much internal, and even the mother-to-be may not understand why she is all of the sudden wanting to eat handfuls of dirt in the back yard. Cravings  during a healthy pregnancy, also known as pica, are generally indicators that the body is feeling starved for a particular source that will satisfy its needs. Concerning healthy pregnancy and living clay, scientists are now coming to discover that the needs being filled by eating clay is minerals and nutrients that hail from Mother Earth herself.

Many cultural traditions on a global level involve the use of living clay to ensure not only a healthy pregnancy, but it also serves a ritualistic purpose that is thought to help consummating a healthy pregnancy upon those having difficulty procreating. Let’s explore some of the reasoning behind this, as well as the efficacy that healing clays can have on fostering a healthy pregnancy.


How Clay Aids in Fostering a Healthy Pregnancy from Conception to Birth

Before Pregnancy

In many cultures, women that want to bear children eat calcium montmorillonite and similar living clays. According to the research performed concerning this topic, is believed that living clay has an effect during menstruation that encourages conception. Naturalist physicians often recommend living clay as a supplement for women deemed sterile as an aid for conception. Furthermore, because this clay boasts detoxification properties, many women use it as a precursor to conception to create a healthier environment for the fetus to prosper; thus, increasing the chances for a healthy pregnancy.


During Pregnancy

The stomach settling benefits of living clay during a healthy pregnancy are most apparent to expecting mothers because of the reduction in morning sickness that they experience. Additional symptomatic relief is experienced in the form of fewer ailments as a whole, including toxemia, which plagues nearly 30% of expectant mothers seeking a healthy pregnancy. Doctors recommend prenatal vitamins to expectant mothers, but in reality, all of the essential macro, micro, and trace elements that provide the fetus vital nutrients are provided by edible clay such as calcium montmorillonite. Outweighing the benefits of mere prenatal vitamins, living clay is still the worldwide reigning champion of aiding a healthy pregnancy on a global level.


BreastfeedingDelivery, Breastfeeding, and Other Concerns for a Healthy Pregnancy

There are hosts of cultural, as well as scientifically proven, benefits of consuming edible clay during a healthy pregnancy, and many of these become evident during the delivery process and the after math of the birthing experience. Some of these are listed below.


Benefits of Clay During Delivery

  •  Clay is often placed on the tongue of delivering women, which is believed to facilitate the delivery and the expulsion of the afterbirth.
  • Thought to help the fetus rise in the room in preparation for birth, mothers ready to deliver will often consume living clay.
  • Easing labor pains, accelerating deliver, and rejuvenating the strength of the weary mother, are common cultural reasons for the use of clay for a healthy pregnancy.

Breastfeeding is Benefited by Living Clay

Not only will mothers ensure that the breast milk their babies are receiving is healthy, but by eating clay, they will know that their young are receiving all the nutrients they need for optimal health. Additional uses include the fact that healthy mothers full of mineral as nature intended can pass these nutrients on to their young, just as they did in the womb. Furthermore, when rehydrated, TerraMin Powder is excellent for alleviating nipple soreness, as well as facilitating the secretion of milk.


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Additional Tips & Reminders

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