TerraMin 150 Caplets

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Length: 2.5in
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TerraMin Caplets are Used Worldwide for Mineralization, Detoxification, and Healing

Looking for an all-natural solution that can handle all of these issues within the human body can be trying. However, the power of ION-MIN makes finding that solution in TerraMin Caplets simple. There is no purer form of calcium montmorillonite on the market today than ION-MIN, and this cost-effective daily supplement detoxifies, cleanses, and adds all the vital minerals that your body needs for optimal health simultaneously.


TerraMin Caplets are an effective supplement that provides the following benefits:

  • Kills bacteria and helps bring your digestive tract into balance
  • Boasts the most powerful toxin absorbing colloidal clay mineral available
  • Detoxes the entire body and allowing for seamless metabolism and weight control
  • Ideal for eliminating pathogens and most heavy metals from your body
  • Strengthens the immune system by remineralization with 57 essential mineral elements
  • Pure, non-allergenic ingredients enhance the body’s well-being – physical and emotional

The pure calcium montmorillonite found in TerraMin Caplets contain all of the necessary macro, micro, and trace minerals in an ideal ratio for premium health maintenance and physical and spiritual balance. TerraMin Caplets are an excellent source of calcium, and this supplement has been researched and tested for use by NASA astronauts within the manned space program!

In brief, TerraMin Caplets work so well because they hold a negative ionic charge, while many toxins and pathogens carry a positive charge. The properties of magnetism work their magic and allow TerraMin Caplets to draw those harmful elements into the substance, which in turn are expelled by the body through waste. Meanwhile, the 57 necessary minerals that your body needs for optimal health remain to provide nutrition to every cell and major organ in your internal system.

See our How ION-MIN Works section for additional information concerning the science behind the efficacy of TerraMin Caplets.



TerraMin Caplets are perfect for those who don’t have the time or desire to mix TerraMin powder for consumption. These small TerraMin Caplets are ideal for people that prefer a small pill that is convenient to transport when on the go, and each of the TerraMin Caplets weigh a mere 1500 mg.

TerraMin Caplets Dosage Instructions: TerraMin dosage depends on the weight of the consumer. It is recommended that TerraMin be consumed in the dosage of (one caplet per every 45-50 pounds of body weight). For example, a 125-pound individual should consume 3 TerraMin Caplets per day, while an 180-pound person would take 4 TerraMin Caplets. Make sure to take the tablets with at least 6-8 ounces of sterilized water or juice. It is also recommended to consume the caplets at least an hour before eating, as an empty stomach increases the substances ability to perform at maximum efficacy.

Keep in mind that this dosage is intended solely for maintenance purposes, and for those who are addressing a particular medical condition, the dosage may be increased as necessary. You should consult with a medical professional when addressing any medical disorder before attempting TerraMin Caplets as a solitary treatment.

Additional Tips & Reminders

  • Our recommend dosage is intended solely for maintenance purposes, but under the guidance of a medical professional, TerraMin Tablets may be increased in dosages that may be helpful in addressing a particular medical condition.
  • You should always consult with a medical professional when addressing any medical disorder before attempting TerraMin Caplets as a solitary treatment.
  • Keep in mind that this dosage can be adjusted to fit your particular diet, exercise routine, stress levels, and long-term goals. The primary goal is to take the tablets daily to improve your health, which helps you body achieve a state of optimal physical and spiritual well-being!