Fluoridation Risks: Pineal Gland Calcification Lowers Melatonin & Blocks Third Eye

Our discussion on the dangers of fluoride reveals several health risks associated with drinking water that has undergone the fluoridation process. However, a few interesting side effects on the pineal gland, or the Third Eye, warrant additional attention concerning further physical and emotional barriers associated with this toxic substance being added to our life-giving one.

This small endocrine gland is located in the vertebrate brain and is responsible for the production of serotonin and melatonin. It’s actually shaped like a tiny pine cone, and you will see this shape mimicked in several architectural structures globally, money, religious symbols, and in hundreds of places when you actually look for it. Look closely at the picture of Shiva, the most revered Hindu God – the head is adorned with such a shape.

Use of this shape on churches and other spiritual focal points reference the belief that it is a symbol of Enlightenment. Located at the center of our brains and related to our perception of light, some actually consider it the “Seat of the Soul” hence making it a pertinent part of your emotional and spiritual well being just as much as your physical health.



Pineal Gland Blockage and Early Puberty, Lower Melatonin & Free Radical Elimination

Jennifer Luke, a British scientist, first discovered the calcification of the pineal gland in the 90s and further went on to make some shocking correlations to how it affects overall health. Surprisingly, part of her findings revealed that the pineal gland is like a magnet for fluoride and absorbs the toxic substance faster than even the bones or the teeth do.

A decade of preliminary research involving both humans and animals strongly associates fluoride accumulation to the impediment of the pineal gland, which helps protect the body from free radical damage and regulates melatonin levels that control circadian rhythms. These ascertainments finally received formal recognized in a 2006 report from the National Research Council and are of great concern to anyone who consumes fluoridated water – particularly if you have female children. Human studies decades ago showed that female children exposed to fluoridated water reached puberty five months earlier than those who were not.


Third Eye Chakra – Blinded by Calcification

On the more spiritual and emotional side, practitioners of meditation understand the importance of being able to use universal energy to tap into the third eye. As one of the most pertinent of the 7 energy centers of the body, calcification of the pineal gland hinders the ability to experience different spiritual planes and dimensions beyond our physical world and body.

Opening the Third Eye plays back into the role of enlightenment and gives people a clearer understand of reality; thus permitting them to better understand their purpose and who they are, while fostering their own ability to activate spiritual frequencies and a positive universal energy. Because sodium fluoride is present in our food supply, store-bought beverages, and 90% of our water supply, one of the most important glands in the brains being attacked. Once calcified, the ability to open their Third Eye is diminished, and the gland becomes ineffective at balancing the body’s natural hormonal processes. ***Read more about Opening the Third Eye here in our blog.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that filtering water at home removes fluoride from your water, as only reverse osmosis can accomplish this. Consider the benefits of drinking distilled water rather than taking chances with your health. Adding an all-in-one mineral supplement such as TerraMin can help detox your body from the harmful effects of fluoride and just about any other substance that doesn’t belong there, while putting all the right things into the system. See more info below.

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TerraMin Powder 2 in 1 Mega Mineral Supplement Fosters All-Natural Overall Health

One of the best aspects of nature, is that if often gives us what we need to nourish, replenish, and heal our bodies. Because much of our soil used for major farming is malnourished, food alone cannot provide us with the minerals and nutrients we need to sustain good physical and spiritual health, and unfortunately over-the-counter vitamin supplements often cannot make up the difference within the scope natural remineralization.

Between consuming toxins and our skin’s absorption of these pollutants through our skin, our systems become overwhelmed. Impeded organs in our system do not boast the full capacity to offer us natural detoxification, which further hampers overall health.

Mother Nature has one last trick up her sleeve – the healing power of calcium montmorillonite clay gives us the power to take control of our health naturally.

Eating Clay for Better Health: A Worldwide Phenomenon in Humans and Animals

The dominant force that allows TerraMin Powder 2 in 1 Mega Mineral Supplement to be so effective at both remineralization and detoxification is called ION-MIN, which is simply the patented name for calcium montmorillonite, the purest form of healing clay on Earth! Animals and humans have consumed clay for centuries, and plenty of documented studies such as one on The Clay Licks of Tambopata indicate this is a natural and healthy practice. In fact, in many cultures and geographic environments, these mines are what allow the area’s dwellers to sustain nourishment.


TerraMin Powder 2 in 1 Mega Mineral Supplement makes getting all the essentials simple, while it performs its amazing second function – all-natural detoxification.

The safety of TerraMin Powder and the calcium montmorillonite it contains has been thoroughly tested by countless universities, independent labs, and even NASA experts.

Some of the most appreciated benefits of TerraMin Powder 2 in 1 Mega Minerals are:

  • Complete mineralization of the body with 57 essential macro, micro, and trace elements
  • Strengthens the immune system with powerful detoxification
  • Kills pathogens and bacteria to aid digestion and major organs
  • Total, all-natural detoxification aids metabolism for better weight management
  • Directly applied, TerraMin Powder serves as an excellent tool for oral health
  • Used rehydrated as a pack, TerraMin Powder offers amazing healing abilities

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 See our How ION-MIN Works section for additional information concerning the science behind the efficacy of TerraMin Caplets.



Daily Maintenance Regimen – For adults weighing 100-150 pounds, mixing one slightly rounded teaspoon of TerraMin Powder into sterile water or juice each day for daily maintenance will provide the body with every essential nutrient and trace mineral it needs for optimal health.

Those weighing 150-200 pounds should use a heaping teaspoon of TerraMin Powder.

While a 200-275 pound individual should utilize a well-rounded tablespoon. Blend the powder thoroughly into the beverage while gently stirring for easier mixing, and finish the entire glass. If necessary, add a bit more liquid to any mixture that remains at the bottom of the glass and drink it, as well.

Oral Health – When you use TerraMin Powder directly on you toothbrush, it serves as a tooth whitener and natural detoxifier that can aid in healing gum disease, bad breathe, and tartar accumulations. Use with or without your normal toothpaste, and enjoy the same efficacy.

Please Note: If you are under the care of a physician to treat specific causes it is always advisable to seek their guidance before beginning any supplement routine. TerraMin Powder has no expiration date, as natural Earth doesn't expire.

New uses for TerraMin Powder 2 in1 Mega Mineral Supplement are being discovered continually. If you have any comments or any suggestions for uses for this amazing supplement, please let us know. We at Spirit Detox would like to share your discovery so that it can benefit us all.

Additional Tips & Reminders

  • Keep in mind that this dosage can be adjusted to fit your particular diet, exercise routine, stress levels, and long-term goals. The primary goal is to take the tablets daily to improve your health, which helps you body achieve a state of optimal physical and spiritual well-being!
  • Our recommend dosage is intended solely for maintenance purposes, but under the guidance of a medical professional, TerraMin Tablets may be increased in dosages that may be helpful in addressing a particular medical condition.
  • You should always consult with a medical professional when addressing any medical disorder before attempting TerraMin Caplets as a solitary treatment.