Emotional Detox – Discover Your Higher Self and Take Your Power Back

Emotional Detox

Do you constantly seem to hit roadblocks in your life? Do things often seem to be “out of control” and unmanageable? If so, then you are not alone; however, if you are one seeking an emotional detox for your mind, cleanse your spirit, and rejuvenate your life then you are one step ahead of many.

Emotional detox and healing takes more than a spiritual advisor, psychotherapy, or an emotional wellbeing program – such healing also requires an investment – of honesty, courage, and intent. Embarking upon the path of emotional healing takes a genuine willingness to free yourself and a desire to get into alignment with your true Higher Self.


Emotional Issues Weigh Down Our Life

Remarkably, many of us are unconscious of the emotional baggage we carry as it harbors itself deeply within our minds – waiting for an ideal “trigger” that causes an eruption of emotions that leave behind undesirable results. Even though we might feel in control of our emotional well being, triggers can throw us off balance when we aren’t armed with coping mechanisms. Learning to recognize these precursors are a vital step, and being prepared to critically analyze any associations you have with triggers is a beginning step to reclaiming your power and liberating yourself from the baggage through emotional detox.

As you dive deeper into you subconscious and identify your particular patterns of correlating ingrained beliefs, you can gradually free yourself from them – giving you the freedom to change your life, be in control of your life, and live for today. Additionally, once you begin to understand the 5 Biggest Energy Drains we bring upon ourselves and the solutions, it will be easier to delve into the higher realms of the mind and influence your own critical thinking patterns in a positive way.


Emotional DetoxYour Critical Mind – Critical to the World

The critical mind is what keeps us from becoming overwhelmed when faced with so many challenges every day. Critical thinking permits us to process incoming ideas, thoughts, and perceptions based upon what we think or believe, a.k.a. “knowns.” Knowns can work both in your favor and against you depending on their source and your intentions.

Once you learn how to truly process critical thinking, you’ll begin to see how limiting some of your known’s are, and how they can distort and drain your energy, sense of power, and emotional well-being. By creating new “knowns” that fall into alignment with your true intentions, you will discover a vast wealth of new, positive energies to work with to help you regain your personal power and constructive forces within the Universe.


Emotional DetoxBuilding Your Foundation to a Healthy Lifestyle with Emotional Detox:

  • Are you ready to Let Go of Past Patterns & Discover your Higher Self?
  • Do you want to Take Your Power Back?
  • Are you ready to Reclaim Emotional Stability and Emotional Well-Being?
  • Eager to be FREE of the burdens that weigh you down daily?


Spirit Detox believes in complete balancing of both physical and emotional well-being to foster strong Mind-Body-Spirit connections. Whether you need a jump start or are seeking to propel you journey into living a healthier lifestyle.