Bentonite Clay for Weight Loss Detoxification

Bentonite ClayBentonite clay for weight loss detoxification may seem a bit out there, but considering it as a potential all-natural cleanser is a more viable alternative than choosing to continue watching our bodies get even further “out there.” Obesity is a major concern nationwide, and the most current numbers indicate that two-thirds of Americans are overweight. It doesn’t appear that there is a shortage of expensive gyms, fad diets, mystery pills, or weight loss programs designed to stave this off – however; the scale’s oft-harsh numbers continue to rise. So what exactly is the problem, and how can we use bentonite clay for weight loss detoxification?


Bentonite Clay for Weight Loss Detoxification & The Mind Body Connection


The Root External Sources of Obesity

Toxins in our bodies are a major contributing factor to obesity. Our bodies are literally attacked from all directions, both internally and externally, by the:

  • Air we breathe
  • Water we drink
  • Foods we consume
  • Cleansers we use
  • Metabolic waste we produce
  • Day to day stress we endure

These toxic attacks can cause hosts of problems including chronic illnesses, degenerative diseases, premature aging, and weight gain just to name a few. You might wonder how toxins contribute to weight gain, and how using bentonite clay for weight loss detoxification can help. Simply put, toxins typically accumulate and harbor themselves within fatty tissue. The more fatty tissue one has, the more toxins their body harbors, and the more chemicals and toxins that are present, the more fat one’s body manufactures. Talk about a rather unappealing cycle! Indeed it makes trying bentonite clay for weight loss detoxification sound promising.

People are catching on to the benefits of natural detoxification with bentonite clay, aka calcium montmorillonite clay, to rid themselves of these toxins. It didn’t take too long before users discovered that using bentonite clay for weight loss detoxification was not only a viable concept, but an effective aid in the process. Today, there is a good deal of scientific information indicating the efficacy of bentonite clay for weight loss detoxification as well as hosts of additional health benefits that hail from its regular use and consumption.

Stress, Depression and the Liver: Mental Sources of ObesityBentonite Clay

You may have heard of the hormone produced by stress, called cortisol, and when your body manufactures it in excess, the pounds tend to start sticking around. Reducing any stress factors is essential, and offering your body the mineralization and detoxification it is craving by eating bentonite clay can help balance your body’s system, which contributes to mental wellness. If stress is playing a major role in your life, consider trying meditation, yoga, or other techniques to heal you mind with an emotional detox in addition to a physical one.

Furthermore, a number of scientific studies indicate a strong correlation between weight gain and depression within individuals who possess a severely congested, overworked liver. Because healing clays offer hosts of health benefits, bentonite clay for weight loss detoxification can also aid in restoring function to the liver. Some key indicators of a congested liver include:

• Elevated Stress Levels
• High Cholesterol
• Hypothyroidism
• Skin Problems Chronic Fatigue
• Blood Sugar Disorders
• Weight Gain
• Lack of Mental Clarity

Am I Good Candidate for Bentonite Clay for Weight Loss Detoxification?

Any one experiencing several of these is an excellent candidate for consuming bentonite clay for weight loss detoxification, as this healing substance will help cleanse the liver from the impurities that are harming the organ. Because the substance is all-natural and 100% safe for consumption within humans and animals, giving bentonite clay for detoxification a chance may well ultimately benefit you in ways far beyond a good cleansing and shedding some pounds. Part 2 of this series will explain exactly how bentonite clay for detoxification works to cleanse your body and restore vital functions that may be hindering your weight loss or contributing to your weight gain.

However, do note that not all bentonite clays are created equal. To enjoy the maximum benefits of bentonite clay for weight loss and detoxification, use only the purest form of bentonite clay, also known as 100% calcium montmorillonite. Read labels carefully before purchasing to avoid sub par product lines.

Learn more specifics in Part 2: How Can I Lose Weight Eating Bentonite Clay?

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Take the tablets with a minimum of 6-8 ounces of purified water or juice, preferably organic or fresh. Drink plenty of water to accompany your ingestion of edible clay, as fluids aid the mineralization and detoxification benefits of ION-MIN. Consume the tablets at least one hour prior to eating, as this increases the ionic mineral’s ability to perform at peak efficacy.

Additional Tips & Reminders

  • Keep in mind that this dosage can be adjusted to fit your particular diet, exercise routine, stress levels, and long-term goals. The primary goal is to take the tablets daily to improve your health, which helps you body achieve a state of optimal physical and spiritual well-being!
  • Our recommend dosage is intended solely for maintenance purposes, but under the guidance of a medical professional, TerraMin Tablets may be increased in dosages that may be helpful in addressing a particular medical condition.
  • You should always consult with a medical professional when addressing any medical disorder before attempting TerraMin Caplets as a solitary treatment.