Benefits of Distilled Water for Natural Detox

benefits of distilled waterBenefits of Distilled Water Explored

Even some of the purest water on the planet is teeming with impurities. Fresh mountain spring water, for instance, is sometimes chock-full of microorganisms and heavy metals. Your tap water – which you probably expect to be safe – is often full of chemicals.

Trying to cleanse your body using water that contains these types of impurities seems a little counter productive, doesn’t it? After all, whatever you put into your body affects all areas of your body. This is especially true of the water that you consume, as the majority of your blood and tissue is comprised mostly of water. The good news is that there is a completely pure form of water you can use during your detox – enjoy the refreshingly pure benefits of distilled water.


The Basics of the Benefits of Distilled Water

 One of the most appreciated benefits of distilled water is that it is one of the purest forms of water on earth.  It reaches this pure state after it goes through a process called distillation.

If you remember your basic middle school science classes, you probably already know that water can be in a solid, liquid, or gaseous state. The state that water is in is largely determined by the temperature it’s at. In order to be a gas, water must be heated to a high temperature.

During the water distillation process, water is heated to a boiling temperature, at which point it converts to a gas, or steam. When this happens, the impurities in the water separate and are left behind, because they are heavier than the steam. The steam then lifts away from the impurities and reverts to a liquid state once it has cooled.


The Benefits of Distilled Water

Although there has been some hype over the years about the “danger” of distilled water, there are actually a number of benefits of distilled water. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits of distilled water and how it can make a difference in our overall health beyond aiding natural detox.

  •  Contains No Contaminates: One of the biggest benefits of distilled water is that it contains no contaminates or impurities. The process of distilling water kills the majority of organic impurities like bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. It also separates debris, minerals, and heavy metals from the water as well.
  • Aides the Body Detoxification Process: Some individuals have tried to state that distilled water can leech necessary minerals and nutrients from a person’s body. In reality, this is actually one of the benefits of distilled water. Although it can’t actually leech minerals that you need from your tissue, it does act a little like a magnet and attracts minerals that can’t be used by your body. This includes excess minerals and mineral waste that has been excreted by your cells.
  • Does Not Contain Any Chemicals: The two most common chemicals that are found in both tap water and bottled water are chlorine and fluoride. Chlorine is used as a disinfectant to kill off harmful microorganisms, and fluoride is added to help prevent tooth decay. However, introducing chemicals into your body is never a good idea, and excessive amounts of fluoride can actually lead to discoloration on children’s permanent teeth. Another one of the benefits of distilled water is that it does not contain either of these chemicals.


Benefits of Distilled Water and Body Detoxification

As mentioned above, using regular water that contains impurities is quite counterproductive and backwards when you are trying to remove impurities from your body.  When you are trying to naturally detox, you want the purest form of water to complement your quest – just like you want the purest, most natural detox product.

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Built to last and provide pure distilled water right in your kitchen, The Megahome Countertop Water Distiller is one of the most popular models used in homes today. Simply pour raw water into the distiller and activate to reap the benefits of one gallon of distilled water in just over five hours. The unit automatically shuts off after each cycle, is lightweight and portable, and is constructed of durable materials that can hold up to even the toughest of environments.

Distilled water’s health benefits are vast, but distilled water is also ideal for making coffee, tea, and other water based beverages. It’s also superior for use in appliances such as humidifiers, irons, steamers, and is often used in dental offices’ autoclave equipment.


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  • Watchtower

    I agree, distilled water is good for a detox or flush but in no way does distilled act like a magnet. It cannot as there is no polarity – or + in this “pure” water.