Warning: 5 Signs of Dehydration You Need to Know

Physicians report that nearly 75% of the US population suffers from some level of chronic dehydration and doesn’t even know it. While the most commonly associated signs include malaise, dry skin, continual thirst, and nausea several other signs of dehydration are not as apparent. Consider these five little known indications that you may be suffering […]

7 Fabulous Foods for a Natural Liver Cleanse

The primary organ used by your body to detoxify is your liver, and when the liver becomes overworked or stressed it struggles to do its job. Under duress, this vital organ cannot filter out the toxins it’s attempting to cleanse from your system nor can it produce enough bile – another essential way your body […]

Celebrities That Eat Clay Welcome Old Concepts into Modern Holistic Health

“Celebrities Eating Clay”… “The Newest Celebrity Fad Diet…Celebs Eating Dirt – Really?” Headlines like these would have rarely popped up on front page Google searches until the past few months when celebrities that eat clay like Shaileen Woodley and Zoe Kravitz decided to come clean about their dirty little health promoting habit. Shaileen Woodley Eats […]

Best Osteoporosis Calcium Supplement is ION-MIN as Declared by NASA Studies


NASA Experts Hail ION-MIN as Superior Calcium Supplement Osteoporosis calcium supplement searching can result in many sizable pills and bills at the pharmacy checkout- often seemingly with no real noticeable results. Certainly, the astronauts on the Apollo and other space missions were  not calcium deficient upon takeoff, yet upon returning from exposure to zero-gravity conditions these […]

Himalayan Salt vs. Sea Salt – Not All Salts Are Created Equal

You know of the dangers of table salt, and perhaps have already made the switch to sea salt instead. Yet you may not know that sea salt, even the high quality Celtic sea salt, is still an inferior salt option. If you want the full range of benefits that come from consuming natural salt, you […]

Organic Gardening: Protect Yourself Against Commercially Grown Produce

Commercially grown produce has many disadvantages over the organic produce you can grow at home. These days, commercial fruits and vegetables are grown with two goals in mind: large crops and visual attractiveness. Considerations like nutritional value, flavor or chemical content are largely ignored. Let’s take a look at the commercial growing process and what […]

New Green Tea Research Expounds on Benefits of Tea for Better Health

Not to dispel the fact that green tea has been a staple in cultures for better health and healing for five thousand years (since the Paleolithic Period), but new research and studies that support the fact are notable. Those interested in new green tea research can look forward to 12 new articles soon to be […]

Eliminate Frizzy Hair in 4 Simple De-frizzing Steps

The Best Frizz Fighting Shampoo, Tame the Frizzies, Frizz-Free Hair…..so many broken promises from the colorful bottles on the shelf…Any of you with frizzy hair know that it’s more likely to “tame” you than you are it. Bizarrely enough, shampoo wasn’t even recognized as a word meaning “the soap used for shampooing one’s hair,” until […]

Calling All High Cholesterol Sufferers Looking to Kick Statins to the Curb

Coming from a family of  Southern Fried folks, I cannot think of one member of my family (besides my teenager) that doesn’t or didn’t suffer from high cholesterol and high blood pressure – myself included. After having a transient stroke, the doctor’s immediate answer was to put me on medications. Having tried both Crestor, Lipitor, […]

Does Soda Make Children Violent? Another Senseless Scientific Study?

Just what we need – another study warning parents about the dangers of soda consumption and children. As if the high sugar and caffeine content and predominance of artificial flavors and GMOs isn’t enough to convince folks that soda is an unhealthy indulgence for anyone, regardless of age. Take a peek at the graphic below […]