Are you Eating Sodium Chloride? Hidden Dangers of Table Salt

Table SaltIodized Salt is Toxic to Your Health

Once so prized by Romans and countless other cultures, salt was commonly referred to as “white gold.” Roman and Revolutionary War heroes were paid with this commodity, and the British had the knowledge that cutting off supplies to the New World would hamper their ability to stave off enemies. Certainly salt remains a staple element necessary to support a proper mineral balance for most of Mother Earth’s living creatures, but reaping these benefits fully stems from consuming the right kind of salt.

In theory, salt helps the human body maintain good bone density, healthy blood sugar levels, and proper circulatory function – so how has this element in its iodized state, a.k.a. table salt, become so toxic to the body?


What is Table Salt Exactly?

Table salt is a manufactured form of sodium chloride. Just as an illusionist does, table salt pulls off a first rate impression of naturally occurring salts, merely mimicking the flavor of what our bodies in reality necessitate. It’s not very comforting to learn that the taste of processed salts stem from the manufacturing of 97.5% sodium chloride and an assortment of chemicals such as dangerous fluoride, synthetic iodine, sugar, and bleaching agents to name a few.

Sourced from crude oil extract – yes, leftover oil flakes – table salt is created through iodization, which involves no magic, but the application of high heat, which causes it to lose most of its essential elements; thus, voiding its nutritional value. Furthermore, the intense heating process causes this sodium chloride substance’s internal crystalline structure to become individually isolated, meaning that it is energetically dead. Your body has to work tenfold to metabolize it, using energy that other cells and organs need.


The Dangers of Table Salt

Table salt is unhealthy, and it can be downright toxic to your body! Iodized salt is noted for increasing blood pressure and causing bloating most notably. As the blood stream attempts to move toxic salt away from the heart expediently, your heart rate elevates, and long term results include hypertension, high blood pressure, and coronary issues of all sorts. Bloating is due to water retention, as your system holds on to it because the system requires as much as 20 times more fluid to process, break down, and eliminate unnatural salts from the body.

A few additional problematic symptoms particular to processed salts are:

  • Muscle CrampsTable Salt
  • Heart Disease
  • Circulatory System Strain
  • Stroke
  • Arthritis
  • Gallbladder/ Kidney Stones
  • Cellulite
  • Rheumatism
  • PMS
  • Digestion Problems

Choose to pass the traditional saltshaker, and head for a natural salt without the plaguing side effects. Partially refined sea salts are becoming more common in homes today, yet Himalayan Salt is still the reigning champion of natural salts. Some of the benefits of using this amazing natural salt include aiding in digestion and reducing chances for the aforementioned ailments of table salt, but because it contains 84 essential elements, it benefits the body in countless ways.

Tune in next week to learn more about the vast benefits of natural Himalayan Crystal Salts and why making the switch is helping families worldwide enjoy better health.

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