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Physical Wellness – Emotional Detox: Discover the Power of Natural Healing

Physical wellness and emotional detox are integral to the overall well-being and harmonious nature of the majority of living beings. At Spirit Detox, we share a philosophy and common vision that fosters the use of only all-natural enhancers that serve the physical wellness of the earth and of her creatures. The Spirit Detox Community is guided by compromised integrity that commands us to offer only products and services that are 100% proven safe, effective, fairly priced, and that benefit humans, animals and the earth.

Physical wellness and emotional detox fall hand in hand, and the connections between the mind and body may be the key to our overall state of well being.

CEM Clay Products

That’s what Spirit Detox is all about – fueling discussions to broaden the scope of what we can see for ourselves, and to share success stories about making the mind/body/spirit connection through all natural healing, remineralization, and emotional detox. Let’s approach how to do each, and you can decide how you prefer to challenge yourself with a new, effective approach to physical wellness and emotional detox.


Physical Wellness Requires Essential Minerals, Nutrients, and Trace Elements

ION-MIN products are solely crafted from the purest form of calcium montmorillonite, or calcium bentonite in the world. This living clay boasts an amazing number of essential nutrients and trace minerals vital to overall physical wellness. After all, a body that is not adequately nourished is typically weak both physically and emotionally.

Spirit Detox wholly supports and recognizes ION-MIN products, such as TERRAMIN as an all-natural source of vital nutrients and trace minerals that are beneficial to all living things. The use of ION-MIN’s unique ionic mineral powder and tablets are recognized as one of the most effective ways to not only remineralize to achieve physical wellness, but it is also duly noted as a powerful detoxifier of impurities and it has seemingly unlimited abilities to heal numerous common and chronic ailments.

Read more about How ION-MIN Works in more scientific terms here, and discover the vast array of physical wellness Benefits of ION-MIN here.


Brain Detox MeditationEmotional Detox: A Natural Companion to Physical Wellness through Ionic Minerals

A healthy body supplied with all the nutrients it needs for success, is very well prepared to experience a soul renewing emotional detox. Designed to cleanse one’s spirit from emotional baggage that plagues your spiritual well being, Emotional Detox is a natural next step after achieving a solid state of physical wellness through TERRAMIN or similar living clay.

Some may seek emotional detox from a professional therapist, and some even seek out pharmaceuticals, which bring countless toxins into the body. Others, like us at Spirit Detox, believe that the mind has an amazing power – the power to cleanse and experience an emotional detox with more simplistic and less expensive guidance than therapy.


What Emotional Detox Is and How it Contributes to Overall Wellness

Emotional detox can be achieved through a variety of all-natural solutions including those that utilize concentrated light, sound, intentions, and breath to purify the toxicity that we have allowed to penetrate our minds in today’s rigorous society.

We at Spirit Detox believe that the benefits of Emotional Detox are every bit as powerful and beneficial as achieving a state of physical wellness. Many of the Emotional Detox clients at we see experience a heightened sense of mental clarity, higher energy levels, increased self-esteem, a heightened sense of mental clarity, inner peace, and have noticed an overall increase in their level of relationship satisfaction.

Take control of  both your physical wellness and ability to master emotional detox, and get involved in the Spirit Detox Community today!