7 Fabulous Foods for a Natural Liver Cleanse

IBS foodsThe primary organ used by your body to detoxify is your liver, and when the liver becomes overworked or stressed it struggles to do its job. Under duress, this vital organ cannot filter out the toxins it’s attempting to cleanse from your system nor can it produce enough bile – another essential way your body attempts to detoxify.

Furthermore, an impaired liver won’t properly absorb ample nutrients – the key ingredients to operating the thousands of enzyme systems that are constructed in the liver. Just a few systems that rely on proper enzyme functions include the:

  • Brain
  • Joints
  • Kidneys
  • Heart
  • Gonads
  • Eyes

Just one missing nutrient can throw off enzyme function, affect overall body function, and cause tremendous metabolic stress. Consider incorporating these seven foods into your diet to promote a natural liver cleanse.


7 Steps to a Better Liver Cleanse with Foods

1. Green Tea Offers a Natural Liver Cleanse Solution

Green tea’s most amazing feature is loads of catechins, a plant antioxidant that has been proven to promote liver function while eliminating liver fat accumulations. Green teas, particularly bentonite clay green teas – are known for their ability as an effective liver cleanse that prevents toxin buildup that impair the organ.

2. Garlic Activates Enzymes

The various sulfur-containing compounds present in garlic effectively activate the liver enzymes that flush toxins. Nutrients including allicin and selenium are useful in protecting the liver from damage and fostering the body’s ability to detoxify.

3. Walnuts: A Tasty Way to Detoxify

L-arginine, glutathione, and omega 3’s are plentiful in walnuts, and these compounds serve as a natural liver cleanse that removes ammonia from the organ. Ammonia can cause diseases that could lead to liver failure. Other benefits of walnuts include blood oxygenation, which is why many liver cleanse formulas contain walnut hull extract.

4. Grapefruits Glorious Gains

Filled with Vitamin C and powerful antioxidants, grapefruit boosts the production of precious liver cleansing compounds. This popular diet food contains naringenin, a flavonoid compound that allows the liver to burn fatty deposits.

5. Turmeric Talk

Some experts consider turmeric to be one of the most valuable natural liver cleanse substances around. Proven to protect the liver against damage from toxins, this nutritional substance has been further shown to help regenerate and heal damaged liver cells. Turmeric’s benefits continue to shine by shrinking enlarged hepatic ducts, improving gallbladder function, and increasing bile production – all imperative to liver health.

6. Avocado’s for Liver Health

Avocado has been shown to boost efforts for a natural liver cleanse and prevent toxic overload. Some studies indicate that just eating one or two per week for a month can measurably repair liver damage.

7. Liver Cleanse with Green Vegetables

They may not be your favorite veggies (or maybe they are!) but they certainly are good for you and your liver cleanse efforts. We’re talking about leafy green vegetables – mustard greens, chicory, bitter gourd, spinach, dandelion greens, arugula, etc. – the goodies that neutralize heavy metals that hamper liver function and cause damage. Leafy greens are known to eliminate herbicides and pesticides from the body in addition to promoting natural bile production.

Taking Your Natural Liver Cleanse Further: To the Entire Body

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See our How ION-MIN Works section for additional information concerning the science behind the efficacy of TerraMin Caplets.



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Additional Tips & Reminders

  • Our recommend dosage is intended solely for maintenance purposes, but under the guidance of a medical professional, TerraMin Tablets may be increased in dosages that may be helpful in addressing a particular medical condition.
  • You should always consult with a medical professional when addressing any medical disorder before attempting TerraMin Caplets as a solitary treatment.
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