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TERRAMIN 2 in 1 Mega Mineral Detox

Cleanse, mineralize, and heal yourself naturally with pure montmorillonite clay. A proven detoxifier, TERRAMIN’s patented ION-MIN formula is USDA certified organic and is the ONLY brand of its kind tested and approved by NASA!...Read More

Terrasilk = Flawless, Beautiful Skin

Skin professionals around the world use Clay treatments and Terrasilk boasts only pure montmorillonite clay to give you spa-like treatments and results from home. Terrasilk is also ideal for luxurious body treatments and wraps for the ultimate experience!... Read More

Clay Mineral Shampoos & Conditioners

Nourish and restore your tresses with nature! Our organic clay shampoos and conditioners gently cleanse, hydrate, and revitalize, hair leaving behind lustrous results with the very first use. Try our convenient combo special to enjoy extra savings!...  Read More

Pet Care and FREE PET Recipes

Quick Homemade Dog Food Recipes -Organic, Cooked and Raw Pet Food

Whether you enjoy feeding your dog a diet of *raw dog food recipes or *homemade dog food recipes that are partially or wholly cooked, know that you are making the best choice to ensure the health and longevity of your pet. It’s no secret that store-bought pet... Read More

Homemade Cat Food Recipes - Raw and Cooked Pet Food

If you are looking to start feeding your pethomemade cat foodrecipes, you’re likely debating whether to take the cooked or raw route. Much debate on the subject exists, and if you are like me, you might feel overwhelmed. However, we know the...  Read More

Restore Your Animals Health to its Natural, Wild State with NutraMin

Much like the foods that humans consume, animal’s over-processed foods don’t offer all the essential minerals and elements necessary to prosper and be healthy. The powerful ionic minerals within NutraMin powder occur in a natural colloidal form, and the...  Read More

Organic Gardening and Mineral Fertilizer

Thinking of Starting an Organic Garden? Learn the Benefits of Growing Fresh Food

Imagine yourself strolling into your organic garden on a dewy morning, birds chirping, blooming fragrant flowers, and tonight’s dinner waiting to be freshly picked as the sun...  Read More

EARTHFOOD Plus: A 100% Natural, All Purpose Mineral Fertilizer

Enrich the quality of your soil and you will increase the quality of your harvested produce, plants, trees, and flowers: Both common sense and science tell us so. EARTHFOOD Plus... Read More

Maintaining a Pesticide Free Organic Garden

Maintaining an organic garden may seem like a bit of a hassle at first, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor, particularly if you are concerned about the dangers of Toxic Food, The biggest...  Read More

Recent Health Articles ~

Warning: 5 Signs of Dehydration You Need to Know

Physicians report that nearly 75% of the US population suffers from some level of chronic dehydration and doesn’t even know it. While the most commonly associated signs include malaise, dry skin, continual thirst, and nausea several other signs of dehydration are not as apparent. Consider these five little known indications that you may be suffering […]

7 Fabulous Foods for a Natural Liver Cleanse

The primary organ used by your body to detoxify is your liver, and when the liver becomes overworked or stressed it struggles to do its job. Under duress, this vital organ cannot filter out the toxins it’s attempting to cleanse from your system nor can it produce enough bile – another essential way your body […]

Celebrities That Eat Clay Welcome Old Concepts into Modern Holistic Health

“Celebrities Eating Clay”… “The Newest Celebrity Fad Diet…Celebs Eating Dirt – Really?” Headlines like these would have rarely popped up on front page Google searches until the past few months when celebrities that eat clay like Shaileen Woodley and Zoe Kravitz decided to come clean about their dirty little health promoting habit. Shaileen Woodley Eats […]


Best Osteoporosis Calcium Supplement is ION-MIN as Declared by NASA Studies

NASA Experts Hail ION-MIN as Superior Calcium Supplement Osteoporosis calcium supplement searching can result in many sizable pills and bills at the pharmacy checkout- often seemingly with no real noticeable results. Certainly, the astronauts on the Apollo and other space missions were  not calcium deficient upon takeoff, yet upon returning from exposure to zero-gravity conditions these […]